Tips for Success

1. Follow package instructions to assemble juicer.

2. Wash, trim and prepare everything you plan on juicing before starting.

3. Turn the juicer ON before feeding items in the feeding chamber.

4. Start and continue feeding produce into the feeding chamber until you have juiced everything.

5. Turn OFF the juicer.

6. Disassemble juicer and rinse parts. Use a brush to clean screen; brush inside and out.

For more juicing tips refer to the owners manual page 8.


Helpful Hints

* BACKUP in feeding chamber is BY DESIGN for maximum JUICE EXTRACTION.

* Continuous EVEN FEEDING means NO OVERHEATING – keep feeding until you have juiced everything you planned on juicing.

* Motor CLICKING means you are feeding too much or too fast.

* If juicer stops or won’t start check that the screen holder is properly assembled to the body (pg 6 owners manual).

For more hints refer to the trouble-shooting guide (page 32) in the owners manual.