The Champion Classic 2000 has the distinction of being one of the first masticating juicers on the market. The Classic 2000 is a high-speed, single-auger juicer.  Unlike most other juicers, it utilizes a cutter with stainless steel, saw-tooth blades that chew and grind the produce during juicing. It has been produced in the USA for more than 60 years, during which time several safety and material construction improvements have been made.


Health professionals praise the nutritional benefits of adding fresh juice from vegetables, fruits and greens as part of a balanced diet. The Classic 2000 provides an easier way to eat healthier, more flavorful foods. It operates by dicing and squeezing vegetables and fruits to extract the juice. This process is known as “masticating” and it’s designed to minimize the build-up of heat. Heat damages the nutrients found in fresh produce and reduces the shelf life of juice. The masticating process provides a deep-colored juice which is unsurpassed in nutrients and flavor.


From vegetable and fruit juices to frozen fruit smoothies, nut butters to jams, greens to grains – The Classic 2000 is a versatile appliance for creativity and flexibility in adding vegetables and fruits to your diet.


The Classic 2000’s dependable single auger construction delivers continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection. With only a few parts, it is simple to assemble and easy to clean.


The Classic 2000 is a top contender in the juicing world in that it is one of the most powerful and durable juicers on the market. It is a heavy duty, high quality and long lasting juicer with a 1/3 hp. continuous-duty electric motor. It has an acrylic finish that resists fading, scratching or peeling.


The Classic 2000 is built in the USA and is backed by a ten (10) year limited warranty.