Plastaket Manufacturing, home of the Champion Juicer, is a 3rd generation, family-owned business. The company is proud to continue in the tradition of the founders: manufacturing in the USA and focusing on high-quality, long lasting juicers.


Here is our history in brief:

Plastaket Manufacturing Inc. is founded. The name is derived from the first products it produced – plastic fruit baskets.

The Company manufactures its first juicer, a high-speed masticating system, for a company based in Galt, California.

The Company begins manufacturing its own juicer – the Champion Juicer is born.

Continual investments in research and development result in improvements in both the efficiency and operational simplicity of the Champion Juicer. Engineering revisions allow for maximum extraction of juices, nut butters, ice creams, sherbets and grated vegetables. Motors purchased from General Electric are redesigned to allow for cooler operation and over two pounds of weight reduction.

A Grains Mill attachment for the Champion Juicer is introduced. The unit features steel cutting plates capable of producing flour from most types of grains such as wheat, oats, or rice as well as the grinding of coffee beans.

Above, Harry Trovinger, 2nd generation family member and General Manager about 1985.

The operational safety of the Champion Juicer is further improved with the introduction of another new feature: a magnetic sensor which prevents operation of the juicer if it is not assembled correctly.

Plastaket expanded with the purchase of Big Valley Molds to modernize all the tooling, give the company more flexibility in building parts, and focus on new juicer product development.

Years of testing and engineering result in the launch of the Greens Attachment for the Champion 2000 Juicer.

The debut of the new Champion Elite 4000 featuring a smaller, more modern design with the added capabilities of juicing wheatgrass and greens.








Above, Harry Trovinger – about 1969 in the new plant shortly after it was built.