Champion believes in the power of Positive Thinking to create Positive Results. He believes it all starts with a vision in our mind to create delicious food. Eating well will enable your whole body, mind and soul to work together as one. Chef Ace Champion brings a passion uncommon in the world of cooking as he leads viewers on a journey to culinary enjoyment.

Champion teaches his viewers the often-overlooked emotional and subconscious aspects of food preparation with the nuts and bolts of practical tips, giving viewers all the tools they need to cook like a Champion. “Food should be treated like a delicacy when both preparing it and eating it. I understand that teaching is only have the battle I bring motivation and inspiration which allows the brain to learn at its fullest potential”. In addition to guidance on subjects ranging from recipe research to fine tuning a meal’s taste, Champion introduces elements of the Law of Attraction not typically associated with cooking which will help viewers gain the inspiration and information you need to raise your meals to a higher level


Each week, Chef Champion will host a Professional and interactive Cooking Show with Celebrity guest and Major Events In and out of Wisconsin. Topics will range from “The Power of Positive Thinking,” Visualization, Unique Recipes, Old & New School Cooking Techniques, Knife Skills, Food Artistry and Carving, Healthy Cooking and Healthy Living, and yes… even Vegan Cuisine Southern Style of course. Champion will even show you the art to southern grilling.

This show is geared to motivate the viewer in to not just becoming a great cook but to actually cook like a champion and care about the food you eat. Champion also teaches elements from his book like the first step is Visualization and the last but not least the power of cooking with love.


Chef Champion is a native of the great food state of Louisiana specializing in Cajun/Creole but has a wide range of Culinary Cuisine like Jamaican Cuisine, Sushi, Italian, French and more. Champion loves to infuse cultures giving people a taste out of this world. He has over 20 years of culinary experience ranging from Certified Meat Cutter, Visionary Motivational Speaker, Executive Chef, Event Coordinator and Personal Chef to Cooking Class Instructor and Author of the book “8 Steps to Your Perfect Meal. Champion is also a fierce competitor entering 4 contest and winning 4 awards. 3 out of the 4 awards are Grand Prize/First Place.

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